Table of Contents for How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who's Sick

Preface Who Am I and Why This Book ix
Interlude: My Summer of Bliss
Prologue Everything I Know I Learned in the Waiting Room 5(10)
One I Can't Believe You Said That! 15(48)
Interlude: My Cancer and My Friends
Two How to Give Good Visits 63(38)
Interlude: Cancer Girl
Three The Perfect Present 101(34)
Interlude: Why I Hated Hospitals and How I Came to Love This One
Four Two Degrees of Separation, One Degree of Need 135(20)
Interlude: Keeping a Friend Company in the Cave
Five Sickness and Shame 155(22)
Interlude: Losing Faith in My Body
Six Your Money or Your Health 177(8)
Seven Dealing with Dementia-Relating to People Who Have It and People Taking Care of People Who Have It 185(10)
Eight Coming Through for a Friend at the End of the Road 195(18)
Interlude: Meditations on My Mortality and the Shadow of Life
Nine As Bad as It Gets 213(26)
Ten The Best of Friends-Case Histories to Learn from and Live By 239(24)
Acknowledgments 263(2)
Appendix: Resources 265(8)
Index 273