Table of Contents for Art Quilt Maps : Capture a Sense of Place With Fiber Collage-A Visual Guide

Introduction: Mapping My Beginnings As A Quilt Artist 6(2)
Mapping Out Ways Of Working
Sources of inspiration Why maps?
Using architecture as design inspiration
Architect versus artist
The best of both worlds
Materials And Tools For Creating A Fiber-Art Map
Basic equipment for sewing, cutting, and fusing
Transfer and stencil supplies
Fabrics and stabilizers
Painting supplies
Stamping supplies
Background Music: The Landscape Layer
The opaque layer
The painted layer
The translucent layer
More backgrounds
Putting It On The Map: Techniques To Create Lines And Shapes
The basics
Lines and shapes on the landscape
Techniques for creating lines and shapes
Gallery of lines and shapes
Map Haiku: Visual Poetry
What is a haiku?
Writing the haiku
The design process
The vocabulary of lines and shapes
The background
The opaque layer
The painted layer
The translucent layer
The map details
Fiber-Art Travel Maps
Creating a pattern
Creating the background layer
Adding stones and shadows
Adding context
For your consideration
Mapping Personal Memories And Landscapes
Starting places
Words and memories
Collecting the images
Collecting the reference maps
Design sketches
Prep work
Creating the background layer
Putting it on the map
Reaching for the finish line
Gallery Of Work By The Author 67(15)
Gallery Of Work By Students 82(12)
Resources 94(1)
About The Author 95