Table of Contents for Tricks of Sound and Light

Understanding the World Through Science 4(1)
The Science Behind Tricks of Sound and Light 5(1)
Why Do I See Fireworks Explode Before I Hear the Explosion? 6(2)
How Do Sound and Light Travel Through the Air? 8(2)
Are Black and White Colors? 10(2)
What Is a Rainbow? 12(2)
How Are Shadows Formed? 14(2)
What is a Polar Night? 16(2)
How Do Periscopes Work? 18(2)
Why Do Objects in Water Look Closer than They Really Fire? 20(2)
Why Does the Sound of a Car Change as It Passes By? 22(2)
Why Can I Hear Echoes in Some Places but Not in Others? 24(2)
Why Can Dogs Hear Sounds that Humans Cannot Hear? 26(2)
Can a High Note from an Opera Singer Really Cause a Glass to Shatter? 28(2)
How Do Hearing Rids Work? 30(2)
Index 32