Table of Contents for Unfinished Business : One Man's Extraordinary Year of Trying to do the Right Things

PROLOGUE Compiling the List 1
Ten Things That Truly Matter
CHAPTER ONE Searching for Sorrow's Daughter 17
Finding a Long-Lost Relative
CHAPTER TWO I'm So Sorry for Your Loss 40
Making a Condolence Call
CHAPTER THREE The Check Is in the Mail 63
Repaying a Long-Overdue Debt
CHAPTER FOUR I've Been Thinking of You Since the Planes Struck 83
Reaching Out to a Distant Friend
CHAPTER FIVE Forgive Me the Harm I Wished on You 104
Letting Go of a Grudge
CHAPTER SIX Thank You, Mr. Jarvis 114
Seeking Spiritual Guidance from a Mentor
CHAPTER SEVEN On the Road to Mount Athos 140
Taking the Road Not Taken
CHAPTER EIGHT The Day Eliot Ness Set My Grandfather Straight--Or Did He? 169
Healing a Family's Wounds
CHAPTER NINE I Remember Nana 188
Eulogizing a Loved One
CHAPTER TEN The Circle Grows Wider 194
Keeping a Promise
EPILOGUE Moving Ahead 203
The Journey of a Lifetime