Table of Contents for Leopard Gecko : An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

PART ONE: Welcome to the World of the Leopard Gecko.
1. What Is a Leopard Gecko?
2. The History of Geckos.
3. Eye Lid Geckos.
4. Why a Leopard Gecko?
5. Patterns, Colors and Phases of Leopard Geckos.
6. Your Leopard Gecko's Behavior.
PART TWO: Caring for Your Leopard Gecko.
7. Selecting Your Leopard Gecko.
8. Setting Up a Habitat for Your Leopard Gecko.
9. Feeding Your Leopard Gecko.
10. Keeping Your Leopard Gecko Healthy.
PART THREE: Breeding and the Future.
11. Breeding Leopard Geckos.
12. Incubating Leopard Gecko Eggs.
13. Raising Baby Leopard Geckos.
PART FOUR: Resources.
14. Leopard Gecko Sources.