Table of Contents for Our Farm : Four Seasons With Five Kids on One Family's Farm

A Note from the Author 6(2)
Introduction: Meet the Family, the Dogs, the Cats, and the Community 8(16)
Winter: Chicks, Hay, Alfalfa, Manure, Cows, Calves, Bulls, Rabbits, Snow
Spring: Fences, More Hay, Tractors, Chickens, the Land, Grapevines, Angus, More Calves, Fishing, Mushrooms
Summer: Coop Burning, Swimming, County Fair, Get-together, Garden, cows, Artificial Insemination, Molk Cows, Angus 1 and 2, Baling
Fall: Grapes, Cows, food, School, Hunting, Turkeys, Deer, Play
Resources 142