Table of Contents for Right-Brain Business Plan : A Creative, Visual Map for Success

Foreword xi
Chris Guillebeau
Introduction This Is Not Business as Usual
How Using Your Creative Intuition Will Make You More Successful in Business
Chapter 1 Starting from the Top
The Skinny on the Right-Brain Business Plan Process and Structure
Chapter 2 Crafting Your Business Vision and Values
Where Is Your Business Headed, and What Do You and Your Company Stand For?
Chapter 3 Painting Your Business Landscape
It's a Big World Out There --- Where Do You and Your Business Fit In?
Chapter 4 Getting the Word Out with Marketing
Find and Connect with Your Perfect Customers
Chapter 5 Managing the Moola - Color by Numbers
Develop a Financial Plan with Fun and Flair
Chapter 6 Corralling Your Creative Cohorts
Build a Creative Playground of Business Support So You Don't Have to Go It Alone
Chapter 7 Action Planning - Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Make Your Plan Real with Goals, Strategies, and Action Steps
Chapter 8 Weaving It All Together
Put the Finishing Touches on Your Right-Brain Business Plan
Chapter 9 Maintaining the Magic and Momentum
Keep Your Right-Brain Business Plan Alive
Glossary 203(2)
Resources 205(4)
Featured Right-Brain Entrepreneurs 209(2)
Acknowledgments 211(2)
Index 213(10)
About the Author 223