Table of Contents for In the Middle Distance : Poems

The Lightning 3(1)
Even If the Gods Look Down 4(1)
Purity 5(1)
Staying After 6(1)
Elegance 7(1)
The Intercontinental Hotel 8(1)
The Secret Life of New York 9(2)
Getting Value 11(1)
Marfa 12(1)
Plenty 13(2)
As Is 15(1)
Enter with Caution 16(1)
The Other Excitement 17(1)
The Otherness 18(1)
Changed or Cheapened 19(1)
Trying to Ripen 20(1)
Mother My Mother 21(2)
The Problem of Sentences 23(1)
Being 24(1)
Beauty 25(1)
Waiting 26(1)
The Presence in Absence 27(1)
Turn, Turn 28(1)
Guilty 29(1)
Having It Both Ways 30(1)
Fragments 31(1)
After the Fires 32(1)
Silence and Glare 33(1)
According to the Hour 34(1)
"They Cripple with Beauty and Butcher with Love" 35(1)
Searching for the Poem 36(3)
The Stories Are Strenuous 39(1)
Bamboo and a Bird 40(1)
Always Alone 41(2)
The Test Is Whether Anything Breaks Off When You Roll It Down Stairs 43(1)
Arriving Again and Again without Noticing 44(1)
Quietly 45(1)
Not Knowing the Rules 46(1)
I Do Not Need the Gods to Return 47(1)
Searching 48(1)
Nine Years Later 49(1)
Turning into Things 50(1)
Now I Understand 51(1)
The Singers Change, the Music Goes On 52(1)
It Goes Away 53(1)
The Light Continues 54(1)
The Alternative 55(1)
Real Romance 56(1)
Surviving Love 57(1)
Backroads 58(1)
What's Left 59(1)
It Is Our Shape I Am Speaking Of 60(1)
Clear Sky Goes Up Farther than What Can Be Seen 61(1)
Parian Marble 62(1)
Closest It Can Get to the Human 63(1)
Watching the Last Boat 64(1)
Whoever 65(1)
Highway 90 66
Foreword ix
Introduction 1(20)
About the Contributors 21(13)
Part One: Transitions and Letting Go
1 Succession and Letting Go of a Business
Dilemma: It's time to plan for succession, but I don't know how to let go of the business.
2 Keeping Future Generations Connected
Dilemma: I sold my business at the right time and have more than enough to take care of my family, but I feel alone and uncomfortable in my new position of wealth. What do I do with my time, and how do I preserve a connection with the family wealth in subsequent generations?
3 Future Wealth Generators
Dilemma: As the family grows, the original fortune is not enough to support everyone. How can I support and encourage future wealth generators to add to the family coffers?
Part Two: Retaining Family Cohesiveness
4 Keeping the Family Together
Dilemma: I want the wealth to enhance our dreams, but don't want it to be the only reason we stay together.
5 Integrating New Family Members
Dilemma: As new members come into the clan through marriage, how do I level the playing field if one partner is less wealthy, and what value do certain structures like prenuptial agreements offer me?
Part Three: Preparing Heirs
6 Preparing Children and Grandchildren
Dilemma: I need to prepare my children and grandchildren for the responsibility of wealth, but I'm afraid that if they know too much, it will destroy any initiative to earn a living. How do I communicate this concern?
7 Fairness in Estate Planning
Dilemma: I plan to be fair to my children, but if I leave them unequal amounts of money, am I setting up a future battleground?
8 Strategic Philanthropy
Dilemma: I want to give some of my wealth back to society, but how can I do it without my children thinking I've given away their inheritance, and in a manner that will reflect our values and enhance the family legacy?
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