Table of Contents for Potty Mouth at the Table

Antiques No Show 1(16)
That Damn Hobo 17(12)
The Potty Mouth at the Table 29(8)
Don't Make Me the Asshole 37(10)
Legends of the Fall 47(20)
Striptease 67(4)
Live from the Bellagio 71(14)
Writers' Group 85(8)
The Accidental Profiler 93(14)
Tiny Dancer 107(12)
Fabric Obsession 119(8)
The Guantanamo Bay Knitting and Book Club 127(12)
Busted 139(6)
Thanksgiving!!!! 145(4)
Nettle Mind 149(6)
I Hate Foodies 155(10)
Hierarchy of Foodies 165(10)
Am I a Book Snob? 175(2)
Death Cab for Cooties 177(8)
The Red Chair 185(12)
I'm Gonna Get You 197(6)
Sins of the Pin 203(8)
Horny 211(8)
Six Things I Never Want to Hear (Again) While Standing in Line at the Pharmacy 219(8)
I Only Want to Know If You Have Herpes 227(8)
Spit Swamp Meet 235(6)
A Handy Manual for a Widower, My Husband 241(8)
If I Only Had a Brain 249(8)
Who Said It Was Donut Time? 257(6)
Yelp Me 263(8)
You Are Not Invited 271(6)
Blackout 277(8)
Rewinding 285(16)
Acknowledgments 301(2)
Author Q&A 303