Table of Contents for Everything Kids' Book of Outrageous Facts : Explore the Most Fantastic, Extraordinary, and Unbelievable Truths About Your World!

Chapter 1 Perplexing Planets and Stunning Stars
Countless Galaxies
Round and Round They Go
You'll Get a "Bang" out of This
The Sun: Too Hot to Handle
Sun-sational Things
Earth Is Juuuuust Right!
Our Neighbor the Moon
Rings and Craters
Making Waves
It's a Planetary Race!
Mysterious Black Holes
Chapter 2 Amazing Animals
Animals of All Sorts
Chains, Webs, and Pyramids Animal Communication
Spotlight on: Sharks
Spotlight on: Horses
Chapter 3 Sensational Science
Biology Experiment: Can You Blow Up a Balloon with a Banana?
Chemistry Experiment: Can You Push an Egg into a Bottle Without Touching It?
Physics Experiment: Why Do Boats Float?
Earth Science Experiment: How Do Icicles Grow?
Human Body Experiment: How Can You Taste Different Flavors?
Chapter 4 Spectacular Sports
Chapter 5 Dangerous Dinosaurs
The First Discovery
Ferocious Fighters
Camouflaged Cover
Giant Food Problems
Miniature Monsters
Plated Puzzles
Footprints: Why Do They Make Them This Way?
Do You Believe in Giants? An Appetite to Match Their Size
What about Dragons?
Chapter 6 Nonsense Nature
Our World: Just Right for Life
Making Mountains
Natural Disaster: Volcanoes
Natural Disaster: Earthquakes
Natural Phenomena: Sunrise and Sunset
What Makes the Colors in the Rainbow?
Changing Seasons
Global Warming
Energy from Nature
Chapter 7 Jaw-Dropping Geography
The United States
Is Greenland Really Green?
The Andes
European Landscape
Whew! It's Hot Here! A Look at the Sahara Desert
The Bottom of the World
Chapter 8 Hysterical Happenings in American History
New England
The Mid-Atlantic States
The Upper South
The Deep South
The Midwest
The Northern Plains
The Southern Plains
The Intermountain West
The Southwest
Chapter 9 Baffling Bugs and Creepy Crawlies
Wasps and Spitballs
The Walking Stick
Mole Crickets and Cave Mazes
Termites and Destruction
Farming Pests
Amazing Butterfly Facts
The Ant World
Superb Digging Techniques
Eggs for Safekeeping
Sneaky Spiders and Other Traps
Spitting Ladybugs
Dangerous Bugs
Appendix: Puzzle Answers 132