Table of Contents for Ancient India : Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of India's Past

Message From the Consultant 8(1)
Map of Important Indian Archaeological Sites
Four Major Eras of Ancient India 10(1)
Timeline of Indian History 10(2)
A Land of Stories
What is India?
An ancient past
A great survey
Outside influences
The Valley of the Indus
The water's fine
The mound of the dead
Clues from the seals
Reading the signs
Perfect penpals
Marshall goes to work
Digging the cities
A widespread culture
Clues from the West
Oh my, Oman
Back in time
A remarkable site
The end of the Harappans
After the Harappans
A language mystery
You sound like a fossil!
The written record
A pottery key
In a God's Footsteps
A remarkable find
Bringing it all together
Buddha's life
An urban world
A Changing World
Pillars of wisdom
Western ideas
Archaeology and war
The Bactrian gold
Meeting point
The Age of the Guptas
Forgotten treasures
A king's boasts
Spreading the word
Gaps in the record
The mighty Guptas
Outposts of Buddhism
The lion-shaped rock
Meet an archaeologist
The Living Past
Archaeology and nations
A famous city
A disaster reveals treasure
The Years Ahead 58(1)
Glossary 59(1)
Bibliography 60(1)
Further Reading 60(1)
On the Web 60(1)
Index 61(2)
About the Author and Consultant 63(1)
Credits 64