Table of Contents for He Had It Coming : How to Outsmart Your Husband and Win Your Divorce

Introduction ix
Chapter 1: "I Don't": When to Re-evaluate Your Lifelong Promise to Your Spouse 1
Chapter 2: The Pre-Divorce Plan: The Secret Steps Every Wife Should Take Before the Divorce Papers Are Filed 9
Chapter 3: Show Me the Money! Where to Find the Dollars, Tangibles, and Assets of Your Marriage 26
Chapter 4: Eight Insider Tips on What to Do Once Your Divorce Begins 32
Chapter 5: Whose Fault Is It, Anyway? Fault Divorce, No-Fault Divorce, and Legal Separation 43
Chapter 6: How to Shape Up for the Divorce Battle 50
Chapter 7: From Wedding Ring to Boxing Ring: What to Expect in a Divorce Lawsuit 54
Chapter 8: How to Navigate Divorce Court: Taking Your Case Through Hearings and Trial 60
Chapter 9: Don't Cry Out Loud: How to Prevent Emotions from Weakening Your Bargaining Power 68
Chapter 10: Getting 'Affair" Settlement: Capitalizing on Your Husband's Infidelity 77
Chapter 11: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assets: How to Find Missing Money, Assets, and Property 85
Chapter 12: The Quickie: A Do-It-Yourself Divorce 96
Chapter 13: What's Mine Is Mine, What's Yours Is Mine: How Property Gets Divided in a Divorce 105
Chapter 14: To Have and to Hold On to: Which Assets Are Yours to Keep After a Divorce 117
Chapter 15: Divide and Conquer: A Beginner's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Property Division 141
Chapter 16: The Support Report: How Much Alimony and Child Support Will Be Coming Your Way 150
Chapter 17: Cashing Out: How to Negotiate Like a Pro 163
Chapter 18: Seven Things to Do Before You Sign Your Divorce Papers 181
Chapter 19: Case Closed: What to Expect When the Marriage Is Officially Over 189
Afterword 199
Glossary 200
Acknowledgments 207