Table of Contents for Shadow World

Chapter One: An Unwelcome Visit 1
Chapter Two: Awful Aunt Sybil and Awful Cousin Cynthia 9
Chapter Three: Aldstane Park 15
Chapter Four: The Centaur 21
Chapter Five: In the Court of the Dog-Headed Man 31
Chapter Six: In the Shadow World 37
Chapter Seven: The Wildwood 47
Chapter Eight: Prisoner 57
Chapter Nine: A Fish Out of Water 65
Chapter Ten: In the Dungeons 79
Chapter Eleven: Trapped by a Troll 91
Chapter Twelve: A Deception 97
Chapter Thirteen: Spies 111
Chapter Fourteen: The Troll 121
Chapter Fifteen: Ellie 131
Chapter Sixteen: The Book of Naming 143
Chapter Seventeen: Terror 151
Chapter Eighteen: The Dragons 159
Chapter Nineteen: Old Friends 165
Chapter Twenty: Beneath the Castle 175
Chapter Twenty-one: The Message 187
Chapter Twenty-two: Rescue 205
Chapter Twenty-three: Red Dawn 223
Chapter Twenty-four: Nemesis 235
Chapter Twenty-five: Escape 247
Chapter Twenty-six: Pursuit 255
Epilogue 271