Table of Contents for Improve Your Writing

Foreword Write On! vii
Introduction One Step at a Time xvii
Chapter One Getting Ready for Action 1(14)
Chapter Two Developing Your Battle Plan 15(8)
Chapter Three Your Approach to Research 23(10)
Chapter Four Creating a Working Bibliography 33(8)
Chapter Five Digging in: Researching in Detail 41(10)
Chapter Six Organizing Your Research 51(10)
Chapter Seven Writing Your Rough Draft 61(10)
Chapter Eight Documenting Your Sources 71(10)
Chapter Nine Revising Your Masterpiece 81(10)
Chapter Ten Compiling Your Final Bibliography 91(10)
Chapter Eleven Applying Finishing Touches 101(4)
Chapter Twelve Essay Tests and Oral Reports 105(12)
Chapter Thirteen Writing with ADD 117(6)
Index 123