Table of Contents for Shakespeare's Pub : A Barstool History of London As Seen Through the Windows of Its Oldest Pub--The George Inn

Prologue: Concerning Scandal, Murder, Smuggling, Highwaymen, Coffee, &C. 1(12)
Chapter One In Which We Make the Perilous and Eventful Journey to the George Inn, Southwark. From my House
Chapter Two Concerning Dates, Names, Mutya, Heidi &C.
Chapter Three Being Some Remarks on London's First Bridge, and How This Bridge Gives Our Story its Very Shape
Chapter Four On Inns, Taverns, Alehouses, Pubs and Boozers. But Mainly Inns, and the Distinctive Nature Thereof
Chapter Five The Poet's Tale, or, How English Literature was Born in a Southwark Inn
Chapter Six In Which We Meet the Inhabitants of Sinful Southwark, and the Patrons of its Divers Inns, Taverns and Alehouses
Chapter Seven Concerning Bulls, Bears, Actors and Other Beasts, and their Various `Entertainments', including the Sad Tale of a Monkey on a Horse
Chapter Eight Further Unsavoury Activities in Inns and Alehouses, and How These Places Were Burn'd by Almighty God's Fury (if You Believe in That Sort of Thing)
Chapter Nine Our Inn Enjoys a Golden Age of Romance, Highwaymen, Complicated Timetables and Sore Posteriors
Chapter Ten Concerning Drink, Hops and Politics, and How the George Inn Brings These Elements Together
Chapter Eleven In Which the Road of Steel Replaces the Roads of the Romans, and the Inns of The Borough Suffer a Terrible Fate
Chapter Twelve Concerning a Mother and Daughter, Two Brothers, and the Condition of Nostalgia
Chapter Thirteen In Which, the George Inn is Sav'd for the Nation, and a Princess and a Bishop Have a Lock-In
Epilogue: A Drink at the George Inn To-Day 319(16)
Timeline and Dramatis Personae 335(8)
Bibliography 343(6)
Acknowledgements 349(2)
Picture and Text Acknowledgements 351