Table of Contents for Cliffsnotes Walden Notes

Life of the Author.
The Transcendentalist Movement.
Introduction to Walden.
Summaries and Commentaries.
Chapter 1: Economy.
Chapter 2: Where I Lived, and What I Lived For.
Chapter 3: Reading.
Chapter 4: Sounds.
Chapter 5: Solitude.
Chapter 6: Visitors.
Chapter 7: The Bean-Field.
Chapter 8: The Village.
Chapter 9: The Ponds.
Chapter 10: Baker Farm.
Chapter 11: Higher Laws.
Chapter 12: Brute Neighbours.
Chapter 13: House-warming.
Chapter 14: Former Inhabitants; and Winter Visitors.
Chapter 15: Winter Animals.
Chapter 16: The Pond in Winter.
Chapter 17: Spring.
Chapter 18: Conclusion.
Extra-Literary Recognition of Thoreau.
Essay Questions and Theme Topics.
Selected Bibliography.