Table of Contents for Open House : A Guided Tour of the American Home, 1637-Present

Acknowledgments xi(4)
Introduction xv
Prologue: The House and American Life 3(2)
CHAPTER 1 The Genealogy of the House
Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts 1637 Focusing on this "oldest living relative": a look at the Early American house and its origins
CHAPTER 2 The House A-Building
Hempsted House, New London, Connecticut 1678/1728
Schifferstadt, Frederick, Maryland 1756
Heyward-Washington House, Charleston, South Carolina 1772 From the Fairbanks House to the beginning of the 19th century
CHAPTER 3 The House and the Coming of Technology
George Read II House, New Castle, Delaware 1804
Montgomery Place, Monticello, Gore Place, Rundlet-May House, Joseph Priestley House, The Octagon, the White House, Lindenwald Technology, particularly the evolution of the kitchen and bathroom
CHAPTER 4 The House as a Reflection of a Changing Society
Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Hartford, Connecticut 1871 Social factors, including the role of women, the transition of the house from producer to consumer, the significance of the house in the life cycle, and the front porch as a symbol of a changing society
CHAPTER 5 The Comfortable House
David Davis Mansion, Bloomington, Illinois 1872
Dr. E. J. Lewis House, Sauk Centre, Minnesota 1889/1905 Changing standards of comfort and convenience, including technology other than that in Chapter 3
CHAPTER 6 The House as Architecture
Gropius House, Lincoln, Massachusetts 1937
Pope-Leighey House, Falls Church, Virginia 1940 The significance of changing architectural style and structure, primarily as seen through the various focus houses, beginning with a comparison of the Gropius House 1937 with the Fairbanks House 1637
APPENDIX 1 The Focus Houses Locations and phone numbers of these active house museums, all open to the public 247(2)
APPENDIX 2 The American Home and the Emergence of Technology Technological profiles of 100 American homes from the 17th through 20th centuries 249(42)
Source Notes 291(8)
Bibliography 299(8)
Index 307