Table of Contents for ABCs of School Success : Tips, Checklists, and Strategies for Equipping Your Child

Introduction 11
1. Make Learning Fun
Help Young Children Learn to Solve Problems
Have Fun Reading Aloud
Books That Count
Award-Winning Websites
Wanted! Grandpa and Grandma
2. Growing Up Smart
Left- and Right-Brain Learning
Brainstorming for Problem Solving
Homework: Good or Bad?
The Value of Journaling
Help Your Daughter Succeed
Guy-ifying School for Boys
Single-Gender Schools and Classes
Dads Make a Difference
3. Learning and Creativity
Emotional Intelligence
Learning and Learning Styles
Teach Your Child Persistence
Creativity: Learning's Spark Plug
A Good Laugh Helps to Clear the Air
4. Home and School Safety
Ways to Improve Internet Safety
Promote After-School Safety
Bullies and Out-of-Sync Children
Bullying Checklist
5. Effective Discipline
Guidelines for Effective Discipline
Rewards for Appropriate Behavior
Teach Self-Control
Strategies to Teach Better Behavior
Handling School-Related Problems
When Siblings Argue
6. Recognizing Problems
How to Spot a Troubled Child
When Your Child Cheats
7. School Phobia
Questions to Consider about School Phobia
Identify Fears
Shy Kids and School Phobia
Key Points for a Successful Return to School
Understanding Your Child's School Phobia--A Quiz
What Parents and Children Say about School Fear
Spiritual Approaches to School Phobia
8. Take Charge of Your ADHD Child
ADHD: A Common Disorder
Why Use Medication?
How to Help Your ADHD Child Succeed
9. All about Special Education
Eligibility for Special Education
Your Child's Educational Rights
Special Education Placement
The Benefits of Inclusion
10. How Good Families Make Good Schools 139
You Can Make a Difference
What Makes a Good School?
Saving Failing Schools
Breaking Down Barriers
11. Success through Homeschooling 151
All about Homeschooling
Making Homeschool Work
Choosing a Curriculum
12. Don't Forget about Values 165
When Children Challenge Rules and Values
Make Smart Family Rules
Passing On Your Values
Books That Teach Values
13. Create an Action Plan for School Success 181
A Preschool Action Plan
An Elementary School Action Plan
An Action Plan for Creative Development
An Action Plan for Problem Behavior
An Action Plan for a Child Who Fears School
An Action Plan for Your Special Education Child
Getting Involved in Your Child's Education
The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling
An Action Plan for Teaching Values and Rules
A Final Word 195
Notes 197