Table of Contents for Understanding Chinese Myths

What are Myths?
What are myths and how do Chinese myths relate to the modern world? Modern writers and movie stars who use Chinese myths in their work
Ancient China
The history of China from prehistoric times to the reign of the first Qin emperor in 221 B.C.E. and the creation of Imperial China
Religion and Gods
The three religions of Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism; the Eight Immortals. Myths Yan Di the creation of the world and living a long life
The Natural World
The importance of agriculture and the gods and myths associated with it. Myths about dragons, the Jingwei Bird, the Ten Suns, and the Gong Gong
Daily Life
The daily life of Ancient and Imperial China. Myths about the creation of people, the Yellow Emperor, how fire was tamed, and the creation of writing
Trade and Warfare
The importance of trade and warfare in Chinese history. Myths about the silkworm, the Great Wall, and Mu Lan the woman soldier
Chinese Legacy
How Ancient Chinese culture, myths, and beliefs remain alive today in movies, games, medicine. How the myths affect the way you organize your room
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Glossary 46(1)
Learning More 47(1)
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