Table of Contents for How To Be Like Jackie Robinson : Life Lessons From Baseball's Greatest Hero

Foreword by Allan H. "Bud" Selig ix
Introduction: Consumed and Captivated xiii
Chapter One: Courage in the Crucible 1(16)
Chapter Two: A Hero and His Influence 17(20)
Chapter Three: The Pursuit of victory 37(18)
Chapter Four: A Man of Action 55(16)
Chapter Five: The Strength Within 71(14)
Chapter Six: "I Am the Right Man for the Test" 85(16)
Chapter Seven: A Leader at Heart 101(20)
Chapter Eight: Challenges, Choices and Self-Control 121(16)
Chapter Nine: The Character Catalog 137(24)
Chapter Ten: Moments of Grace 161(20)
Chapter Eleven: The Unbroken Promise 181(26)
Epilogue: The Legacy He Leaves 207(12)
Acknowledgments 219(2)
Bibliography 221(8)
Credits 229(14)
About the Author 243