Table of Contents for Heart of Darkness

Preface 7(9)
Introduction 9(39)
A Note on the Text 48(2)
Select Bibliography 50(1)
A Joseph Conrad Chronology 51(2)
A Congo Chronology 53(3)
Author's Note (Preface to the 1923 edition of Youth: A Narrative and Two Other Stories) 56(3)
Heart of Darkness
Appendix A: Comments by Conrad 149(14)
Appendix B: Contemporary Reviews 163(11)
Appendix C: Historical Documents 174(65)
Appendix D: Major Textual Changes 239(6)
Appendix E: Illustrations 245(5)
Appendix F: The Photographs of Alice Harris 250(8)
Appendix G: Map of the Congo 258