Table of Contents for Girls' Book : How to Be the Best at Everything

Note to readers
How to explain why you are late for school 1
How to look your best in photos 2
How to make a time capsule 3
How to host the best sleepover 4
How to train a dog to shake hands 5
How to make shadow puppets 6
How to make sure your sneakers smell really good 8
How to save the planet 9
How to make a kite 10
How to write an award-winning haiku 12
How to customize a T-shirt 13
How to deal with bullies 15
How to make a frog take the long jump 17
How to grow your own tomatoes 20
How to travel with just one bag 21
How to do the perfect handstand 22
How to act like a celebrity 23
How to make your own luxury bubble bath 24
How to control the weather 25
How to make a friendship bracelet 26
How to improve your memory 28
How to blow the biggest bubble-gum bubble 30
How to survive in a horror movie 31
How to whistle really loudly 32
How to be a natural beauty 33
How to make a stained-glass window 34
How to execute a spectacular high dive 36
How to make sugar mice 38
How to make sense while talking nonsense 39
How to spot a genius 39
How to be a math master 40
How to make a bird feeder 41
How to make a pom-pom 42
How to win a staring contest 44
How to turn water into lemonade 45
How to convince people you are an animal expert 46
How to do a quick card trick 47
How to make a chart showing your family tree 48
How to annoy people in an elevator 50
How to give yourself the perfect manicure 51
How to be an autograph hunter 52
How to find your blind spot 53
How to ice-skate 54
How to press flowers 55
How to make an icy milk shake without a blender (or ice cream!) 57
How to make a camp in the wilderness 57
How to groom a horse 59
How to annoy your family and friends 61
How to keep a message secret 62
How to make a fake mess 63
How to predict the weather 64
How to make an egghead 65
How to walk the dog 66
How to show off your superhuman strength 67
How to make a drum 68
How to float a friend 69
How to do a su doku puzzle 70
How to follow a friend without being noticed 75
How to make a coin disappear 76
How to study for exams 77
How to create an optical illusion 78
How to put together the best dance routines 79
How to create a masterpiece with wet chalk 80
How to make your own lip gloss 81
How to build the best sand castles 81
How to strum a guitar 83
How to avoid let lag 84
How to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope 85
How to eat with chopsticks 86
How to do a split 87
How to be the best at languages 88
How to survive in the desert 89
How to make a French braid 91
How to make a compass 92
How to find the North Star 93
How to keep a secret diary 94
How to send a message in Morse code 95
How to pet a wild horse 96
How to survive an alien invasion 97
How to finger knit 99
How to be the best at text messaging 101
How to persuade your parents to get a pet 103
How to win a bet 104
How to make a basket 105
How to read body language 106
How to grow a crystal 107
How to make your own bread 109
How to be a prima ballerina 111
How to make a papier-mache bowl 114
How to look after baby chicks 115
How to tell what someone is like from their handwriting 116
How to cope if zombies attack 118