Table of Contents for Where am I Wearing? : A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes

We Have It Made.
Part I. The Mission.
Chapter 1. A Consumer Goes Global.
Chapter 2. Tattoo's Tropical Paradise.
Chapter 3. Fake blood, sweat, and tears: Anti-Sweatshop Protestors.
Part II. My Underwear: Made in Bangladesh.
Chapter 4. Jingle These.
Chapter 5. Undercover In the Underwear Biz.
Chapter 6. Bangladesh Amusement Park.
Chapter 7. Inside My First Sweatshop.
Chapter 8. Child Labor in Action.
Chapter 9. Arifa, the garment worker.
Chapter 10. Hope.
Chapter 11. No black and white, only green.
Part III. My Pants: Made in Cambodia.
Chapter 12. Labor Day.
Chapter 13. Year Zero.
Chapter 14. Those who wear Levi's.
Chapter 15. Those who make Levi's.
Chapter 16. Progress.
Chapter 17. Treasure and Trash.
Part IV. My Flip-Flops: Made in China.
Chapter 18. PO'ed VP.
Chapter 19. Margaritaville.
Chapter 20. Life at the bottom.
Chapter 21. Growing Pains.
Chapter 22. The Real China.
Chapter 23. On a Budget.
Chapter 24. An All-American Chinese Wal-Mart.
Chapter 25. The Chinese Fantasy.
Part V. My Shorts: Made in USA.
Chapter 26. For Richer, For Poorer.
Chapter 27. Untold Stories.
Where are you wearing? The inexact science of finding out where your clothes were produced.