Table of Contents for Homeschooling the Child With Autism : Answers to the Top Questions Parents and Professionals Ask

The Authors.
1 Questions About Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
1 What Is ASD and How Do the Core Areas of Impairment Affect Students in a Traditional School Setting?
2 Is There Peer-Reviewed Research That Supports Homeschooling for Students with ASD?
3 Why Do Some Families of Children with ASD Consider Homeschooling?
2 Questions About Homeschooling.
4 What Are the Different Types of Homeschooling?
5 How Do Parents Choose the Right Type of Homeschool Program for Their Child?
6 What Are the Reported Advantages of Homeschooling Children with ASD?
7 What Are the Challenges of Homeschooling Children with ASD?
3 Questions About Resources for Homeschoolers.
8 What Supports, Resources, and Curricula Are Available and How Can Families Access Them?
9 What Special Education Services Is My Child Entitled to If I Choose to Homeschool?
10 How Should a Family Get Started with Homeschooling?
4 Questions About Teaching Strategies.
11 How Should the Core Defi cits of Social Skills and Social Thinking Be Addressed?
12 How Can Social Opportunities Be Incorporated into the Homeschooler’s Day?
13 How Should the Core Defi cits in Organizational Skills and Thinking Be Addressed?
14 How Can Interests Be Incorporated into Instruction?
15 How Should the Daily Schedule Be Designed?
16 How Can Parents Address Behavioral Issues?
17 How Can Parents Determine the Appropriate Accommodations and Modifi cations That are Necessary for Curricular Success?
5 Questions About Transition.
18 When Should Parents Consider a Transition Back to Traditional Educational Settings or Programs and How Is This Done?
19 How Should a Family Plan for Transition to College?
20 What Are Other Postsecondary Options Besides College?
6 Questions for Homeschooling Parents.
Interview with Janelle Lewis.
Interview with Karen Crum.
Interview with Connie Ajay.
Interview with Michelle King.
Interview with Ann Coe.
7 Questions for Homeschooled Children on the Autism Spectrum.
Interview with Ben—Age Eleven.
Interview with Bobby—Age Thirteen.
Interview with Katie—Age Fifteen
Interview with Ian—Age Seventeen.
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms.