Table of Contents for Winning Grants : Step by Step

List of Samples, Worksheets, and Figures.
CD Contents.
The Authors.
About the Alliance for Nonprofit Management.
How to Use This Workbook: Making the Magic Happen.
Introduction: An Overview of the Grantseeking Process.
STEP 1: Developing the Proposal Idea.
STEP 2: Developing Relationships with Funders.
STEP 3: Writing a Compelling Need Statement.
STEP 4: Defining Clear Goals and Objectives.
STEP 5: Developing the Methods.
STEP 6: Preparing the Evaluation Component.
STEP 7: Developing Sustainability Strategies.
STEP 8: Preparing the Program Budget.
STEP 9: Writing the Organization Background Component.
STEP 10: Writing the Proposal Summary.
STEP 11: Putting the Package Together.
STEP 12: Sustaining Relationships with Funders.
Special Resource Section.
A. Types of Foundations.
B. How to Research Funders.
C. Sample Logic Model.
D. Making the Call, by Sarah S. Brophy.
E. Bibliography.
F. Helpful Websites for Grantseekers.
How to Use the CD-ROM.