Table of Contents for Chasing Vermeer

About Pentominoes and About This Story xi
About the Artwork: A Challenge to the Reader xiii
Chapter One: THREE DELIVERIES 1(5)
Chapter Two: THE LETTER IS DEAD 6(12)
Chapter Three: LOST IN THE ART 18(17)
Chapter Four: PICASSO'S LIE 35(8)
Chapter Six: THE GEOGRAPHER'S BOX 50(11)
Chapter Seven: THE MAN ON THE WALL 61(15)
Chapter Eight: A HALLOWEEN SURPRISE 76(5)
Chapter Nine: THE BLUE ONES 81(9)
Chapter Ten: INSIDE THE PUZZLE 90(9)
Chapter Eleven: NIGHTMARE 99(13)
Chapter Twelve: TEA AT FOUR 112(15)
Chapter Thirteen: X THE EXPERTS 127(7)
Chapter Fourteen: FLASHING LIGHTS 134(10)
Chapter Fifteen: MURDER AND HOT CHOCOLATE 144(10)
Chapter Sixteen: A MORNING IN THE DARK 154(13)
Chapter Seventeen: WHAT HAPPENS NOW? 167(7)
Chapter Eighteen: A BAD FALL 174(14)
Chapter Nineteen: THE SHOCK ON THE STAIRS 188(10)
Chapter Twenty: A MANIAC 198(7)
Chapter Twenty-one: LOOKING AND SEEING 205(9)
Chapter Twenty-two: TWELVES 214(12)
Chapter Twenty-three: HELP! 226(10)
Chapter Twenty-four: THE PIECES 236