Table of Contents for Magical Worlds of Harry Potter : A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts

Introduction 15
Did Alchemists Really Search for a Magic Stone? 19
Who Was the Most Amazing Animagus? 23
Is "Avada Kedavra" a Real Curse? 31
Are Basilisks Just Big Snakes? 33
Which "Fantastic Beasts" Come from Legend? 35
Why Would Sirius Black Become a Black Dog? 41
Why Does the Black Family Appear on a Tapestry? 45
Which Creature Doesn't Know When to Say Good-bye? 47
Have Witches Always Flown on Broomsticks? 49
Why Would Mundungus Fletcher Steal Cauldrons? 51
Why Do Centaurs Avoid Humans? 55
What's the Favorite Trick of Cornish Pixies? 57
Why Would Voldemort Put the Dark Mark on Death Eaters? 59
What Story Began with a Dark and Stormy Knight? 61
Why Would Chocolate Help After Escaping a Dementor? 65
Does Dumbledore Trust Divination or Doesn't He? 67
Which Creature Is Fit for a King? 71
Who Were the First British Wizards? 77
Why Doesn't Dumbledore Fight Voldemort? 79
Why Would Durmstrang Students Travel by Ship? 83
Where Does Magic Come From? 87
Which Character Can't Die? 91
Was the Real Flamel a Successful Alchemist? 95
Why Would Fluffy Come from "a Greek Chappie"? 99
Why Would the Forest Near Hogwarts Be "Forbidden"? 101
What Does Ice Cream Have to Do with Witchcraft? 103
Are All Giants All Bad? 105
Which Real-Life Creature Still Eludes Scientists? 109
Why Are Harry and Cedric Like Knights of the Round Table? 111
Why Are Goblins Such Good Bankers? 113
Which of Draco's Sidekicks Is Also Named for a Dragon? 117
Which Creature Is Master of Both Earth and Sky? 119
Why Do Parents Worry About Grindylows? 123
Where Do the Nastiest Mandrakes Grow? 125
Which Is the Least Likely Magical Creature? 131
Why Would Anyone Go to School with a Slytherin? 135
Which Creature May Not Bow Its Head? 139
What Is the Most Important Language for Wizards? 141
Why Is Each Malfoy Aptly Named? 147
Why Won't Wizards Go Near a Manticore? 149
Why Is the Third Task Set in a Maze? 153
Why Might McGonagall Appear As a Cat? 155
Why Might a Human Fear Merpeople? 157
Why Are Mirrors Magical? 159
Which of Voldemort's Cohorts Comes from India? 163
Where Do Those Names Come From?! 165
What Were the Models for the Order of the Phoenix? 185
Besides Mail, What Does the Arrival of an Owl Mean? 193
Could Snape's Potions Actually Work? 195
What Makes Harry a Universal Hero? 205
Why Are Runes Carved on the Pensieve? 219
Why Does the Sphinx Ask Harry a Question? 221
How Do You Scare a Spider? 225
Why Do Trolls Stink? 229
Why Should Wizards Never Be Inquisitors? 231
How Do You Catch a Unicorn? 239
What Makes Veela Angry? 245
What Kind of Nightmares Created Voldemort? 249
Why Do Wizards Use Wands? 253
Are Any of the "Famous Witches and Wizards" Real? 255
Caution! 265
A Note on the Final Chapters 267
How Did Seven Become the Most Magical Number? 269
Why Would a Muggle Want a Horcrux? 277
What's J.K. Rowling's Idea of a Hero? 281
Is Harry's Story About Religion? 289
What Evil May Be Worse Than Voldemort's? 297
Is Rowling a "Master of Death"? 307
Afterword 313
Acknowledgments 315
Bibliography 317
Notes 319
Index 327
About the Author 336