Table of Contents for Fiery Trial : Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery

List of Maps and Illustrations xi
Preface xv
1 "I Am Naturally Anti-Slavery": Young Abraham Lincoln and Slavery 3(30)
2 "Always a Whig": Lincoln, the Law, and the Second Party System 33(30)
3 "The Monstrous Injustice": Becoming a Republican 63(29)
4 "A House Divided": Slavery and Race in the Late 1850's 92(40)
5 "The Only Substantial Difference": Secession and Civil War 132(34)
6 "I Must Have Kentucky": The Border Strategy 166(40)
7 "Forever Free": The Coming of Emancipation 206(42)
8 "A New Birth of Freedom": Securing Emancipation 248(42)
9 "A Fitting, and Necessary Conclusion": Abolition, Reelection, and the Challenge of Reconstruction 290(33)
Epilogue "Every Drop of Blood": The Meaning of the War 323(14)
Acknowledgments 337(2)
Chronology of Lincoln, Slavery, and Emancipation 339(8)
Abbreviations Used in Notes 347(2)
Notes 349(58)
Index 407