Table of Contents for Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School

The Principal Struggles 1
Mr. Jupiter Goes Fourth 6
An Absentminded Morning 13
The Librarian in Love 18
Picture Day 22
Dance, Stanford, Dance 31
Calvin Goes to Kindergarten 43
The Boy Who Cried Lunch Monitor 57
Please Don't Tease Ashley Z. 67
Pffft! 77
There Once Was a Man from Dancart... 84
The Bad, the Beautiful, and the Stinky 98
Dewey or Don't We? 106
Ham and Beans 121
Missy's Lost Mittens 130
Sticks and Stones 138
March Madness 142
Catch! 144
The Problem with Being Ernest 153
Humphrey's Lunch 163
The Spelling Goddess 168
First Kiss 172
Mr. Jupiter Takes the Fifth 176