Table of Contents for Tell My Sons : A Father's Last Letters

Foreword xi
Preface xiii
Introduction ... To Be Strong Enough To Know When You Are Weak, Brave Enough To Face Yourself When You Are Afraid xix
Chapter One Not To Seek The Path Of Comfort, But To Face The Stress And Spur Of Difficulty And Challenge
Chapter Two Not To Substitute Words For Actions
Chapter Three To Be Proud And Unbending In Honest Failure, But Humble And Gentle In Success
Chapter Four To Seek Out And Experience A Vigor Of The Emotions, A Freshness Of The Deep Springs Of Lift, An Appetite For Adventure Over Love Of Ease
Chapter Five To Seek A Temper Of The Will, A Quality Of The Imagination, And To Exercise A Temperamental Predominance Of Courage Over Timidity
Chapter Six To Be Modest So That You Will Appreciate The Open Mind Of True Wisdom, The Meekness Of True Strength
Chapter Seven To Be Serious, Yet Never To Take Yourself Too Seriously; To Cry, But Also To Laugh
Chapter Eight To Discover The Sense Of Wonder, The Unfailing Hope Of What Is Next, And The Joy And Inspiration Of Life
Epilogue: "How Are You Doing?" 197(12)
Author's Note and Acknowledgments 209