Table of Contents for Imperfect Environmentalist : A Practical Guide to Clearing Your Body, Detoxing Your Home, and Saving the Earth (Without Losing Your Mind)

introduction xiii
one clean eating and drinking
We Are What We Eat
Even the Water's Not Safe?
Organic Matters: You Are What You Eat
Eating Local: Because You Wouldn't Drive All Day to Pick Up a Tomato
Eating Out: From Greasy Spoons to Fine Green Dining
Where Does Your Meat Come From? Do You Even Want to Know?
The Drive-thru: Going Nowhere Fast
Who Knew? Climate Change
Farmed Fish, Dyed Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Love Animals, Don't Eat Them
Hug Me, I'm Vegan
The Raw Deal: Why Bother Cooking?
Macrobiotics: Extreme Balance
Soy Happy
Who Knew? The Return of the Salmon
Grocery Shopping: Beyond Paper or Plastic
GMOs: What Did They Just Do to That Plant?
Juice This
Caffeinate Me: All About Coffee
Tea Time
The Jolly Green Drinker: Beer, Wine, and Spirits
Chocolate Without the Child Labor, Please
Sugar Isn't So Sweet
Nontoxic Food Preparation: Would You Eat Your Cutting Board?
two clean house
Your Own Personal Green House
From Tree Houses to McMansions: How Much Space Do You Need?
Who Knew? Habitat Destruction
Home Inspections: What to Ask
Green Design and Construction
Hitting the Floor
Raising the Roof
Out the Window: Windows and Weatherizing
Living Off the Grid
Who Knew? "The Garbage Warrior"
Warming Up and Cooling Off
Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: Boring but Necessary
Renovation: Things to Watch Out For Besides the Budget
Asbestos: Remedying a Bad Building Idea
Solar Power: Because the Oil Companies Don't Own the Sun
Wind Power: Blow on This
Lead and Other Reasons Not to Lick the Walls
Jump In: Nontoxic Pools
Clearing the Deck
three clean home
Change Begins at Home
Buying Furniture: Why Your Couch Is the Enemy
Sleep on It: Bedding
Can't I Just Wash the Toxins Off with Soap or Sanitizer?
Paint It Black
Who Knew? Greenwashing
Pest Control: Because Sometimes Asking Mice to Leave Nicely Doesn't Work
Bathrooms: Money Like Water
Don't Flush That Pill: Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater
Who Knew? Frickin' Fracking
Hippie Household Cleansers
Dishing It Out: Your Dishwasher Just Killed That Fish
Cleaning the Furniture: Sit on This
Books, Newspapers, and Magazines: Worth the Dead Trees They're Printed On?
Dog and Cat Care: Because Fido and Mittens Want to Be Green, Too
Dirty Laundry: The One-Page Version
Clean Linens: The Cheat Sheet
Televisions: Yes, This Hippie Has One
Who Knew? Geothermal and Hydroelectricity
Computer Geek
Call Me: Cell Phones vs. Landlines
Recycle Everything but Your Bad Jokes
Upcycling vs. Downcycling
All Plastics Are Not Created Equal
Happy Green Holidays
four clean garden
I Don't Garden, but You Should
Composting: Sifting Through It
Organic Gardening: Getting Dirty
Who Knew? What Happened to the Honey Bees?
Container Gardening: Because You Don't Need a Yard to Grow Things
Fertilizers and Other Nice Names for Guano
Pesticides: What Keeps Away Insects Poisons You, Too
Rain Catchment: I Mean, Shouldn't Water Be Free?
Who Knew? Dirt Worshipper
Raising Chickens
Goats Are the New Cow
Urban Farming: Let Someone Else Do the Digging
five clean health and beauty
Pretty Shouldn't Be Poisonous
Lipstick Hugger: Friendly Cosmetics
Hair Care: Green Locks Aren't Just for Punk Rockers
Tooth Care: Chew on This
Skin Deep: Your Moisturizer Just Got in My Bloodstream
Paint It Red: Manicures and Pedicures
Who Knew? Pretend You're a River
Clothing: Because Even Hippies Shouldn't Have to Go Naked All the Time
Yoga: Just Say Aum
Tai Chi and Qigong: Not Just for the Freaks in the Park
Take a Hike: Exercising Outside
Who Knew? The Green Gym Powers Itself
Sneezing Is Funny, but Allergies Aren't
Acupuncture: Poking Fun
Your Herbal First Aid Kit
Take a Pill: Vitamins and Supplements
Who Knew? The Amazon Rainforest: Queen of the Weather System
If You Must Smoke, Don't Smoke Rat Poison
six clean community
We're All in This Together
Plant a Tree
Who Knew? Clean Air, Clean Life
Thrifting: Not Just for When You're Broke
Free Stores: Where Everything Is, Yes, Free
Community Gardens: Grow Food, Meet Babes
Policy Wonk: Affecting Change in Local Government
Getting Involved in Consumer Campaigns
A Broad Church: Environmentalism and Faith Communities
If You Lived Here You'd Be Home by Now: Small Growth Projects
Change Starts at Home
Who Knew? Green Eggs and Ham Isn't Greener Than Greensburg
seven clean work and money
Be That Annoying Person at Work
Buy Less: The Importance of Being Cheap
Environmental Careers: Save the Earth, Make Money
Green Grants: They'll Pay Me for That?
Who Knew? Water Over the Dam
When Your Company Is Destroying the Planet
The Big Commute
The Eco Office: Paper Is Overrated
Sweatshops: The Real Price Tag
Who Knew? Nuclear Power and Nuclear Waste
Investing: Banking on a Sustainable Future
eight clean transportation and travel
Getting There Is Half the Fun
Cars: A Necessary Evil?
Who Knew? Your Carbon Footprint
Learn to Drive: Don't Floor It Like SpongeBob
Biofuels: Or How to Run Your Car on Old Restaurant Grease
Take Your Gas and Shove It: Fuel Cells and Electric Cars
Public Transportation: Get on the Bus
Motorcycles and Scooters: Born to Ride
Bicycles: Put the Fun Between Your Legs
Walk It Off
Air Travel: Your Carbon Footprint on Steroids
Who Knew? The Forest Through the Trees
Geotourism: Seeing the World Without Wrecking It
nine clean parenting
I Know It's Corny to Say "The Children Are the Future," but, Hey, They Are
Seven Generations: Think About Your Kids' Kids
Pregnancy: Your Belly Is the Perfect Eco Apartment
Adoption: Because There Are Plenty of People Already Here
Who Knew? Population Growth
The Clean Nursery: Might As Well Start Right
Midwives Help People Out
Childbirth Isn't for Sissies
Postpartum Care: You Deserve a Break
Breastfeeding: They Drink Until They Pass Out
Pump It Up
Bottle-Feeding: Because We Can't All Be Milk Machines
Vaccines: A Sticking Point
Diapers: Be the Change
Attachment Parenting in the Real World
Talking to Kids About Saving the Planet
Who Knew? Penguins and Polar Bears
The Vegetarian Child: Trade You a Tofu Dog for Your Lentil Loaf
Cooking with Kids: Because They Won't Eat It When I Make It
Play Equipment: Swing on This
Skip the Petting Zoo ... Unless You're a Fan of E. Coli
Birthdays: Towing the Party Line
Waste-Free/Junk-Free Lunches
School Buildings: Learning Where You Can Breathe
ten clean rites of passage
Cradle to Grave
Off to College: Sometimes We Have to School the Administration
Setting Up Your First Green Apartment
Who Knew? Wildfires
Clean Dating: Why Diamonds and Roses Aren't Always So Romantic
Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies (No, She Won't Wear It Again)
Divorce and Child Custody: Staying Green Through the Transitions
Who Knew? Oceans
Green as You Gray: Eco-Conscious Retirement Communities
Let's Finish What We Started: Green Burial and Cremation
Where It All Began
Out Of Austerity
A Car Of Its Time
Building On The Mini Phenomenon
The Great Survivor
Mini In The New Millennium So
Further Reading
Places To Visit
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