Table of Contents for Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

A Beginning at the End 1(12)
Ledgers and Lies 13(14)
Shadows and Spiders 27(24)
What's What and What Isn't, and What Once Was 51(16)
Taps and Glimmers 67(30)
Naps and Collapses 97(8)
Persuasion, Prediction, Punishment 105(18)
The Rules with Rabbit 123(12)
Keys and Passages 135(16)
Secret Projects 151(12)
The Butler's Clues 163(8)
The Expedition 171(16)
Rescues and Reconciliations 187(14)
Conjurings, Combinations, and Calculated Risks 201(16)
Chores and Memories 217(18)
The Boy on the Bluff 235(14)
The Bundle at the End of the Tunnel 249(16)
Missing Treasures, Missing People, and the Mysterious Mr. Booker 265(20)
Sleight of Hand 285(18)
Sacrifices 303(12)
The Rothschild Report 315(16)
The Restless Ghosts 331(20)
An Unexpected Complication 351(16)
The Runaway 367(20)
The Kindness of Strangers 387(16)
The Return of Nicholas Benedict 403(14)
Mysteries and Revelations 417(20)
Covers Uncovered 437(12)
Truth and Consequences 449(8)
An End at the Beginning 457