Table of Contents for Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma

The Prisoner's Dilemma 1
The monster in the Basement 21
Real and Official Matters 41
Through the Listening Glass 55
What may Be Perceived 77
The Unwelcome Visitor 97
The Little Girl in the Big Chair 109
Leap Years and Napmares 121
S.Q.'s Greatest Fear 133
Darkness Falls 149
Setups, Clues, and Likely Stories 169
Tricky Lines and Heavy Traffic 189
Cowdozers and Rendezvous 211
Breakable Codes and Findable Clues 227
The Shark and His Prey 243
Secret Communications 259
Stated Reasons and Sudden Insights 279
The Window of Opportunity 299
The Courtyard Conflicts 311
Bucket vs. Briefcase 325
The Sorting Out 241
Projects and Poetry 363
The More Things Change 383