Table of Contents for As You Like It

Acknowledgements vii
Introduction ix
Text ix
A `staying entry' ix
The copy x
Acts and scenes xi
Stage directions, entrances and exists xii
Punctuation and variant readings xv
Verse and prose xviii
The masque xxi
Songs xxiii
Date xxvi
i xxvi
`Verse fossils' xxviii
The time scheme xxix
The relative height of Rosalind and Celia xxix
`Old Frederick' xxx
Early printed sources xxxi
The death of Marlowe xxxiii
Sources xxxv
Lodge's Rosalynde xxxv
Jaques and contemporary satirists xlvi
Touchstone, Will Kempe and Robert Armin li
The country clowns lv
Love's Labour's Lost and The Two Gentlemen of Verona lvi
Montemayor's Diana lvii
Lyly and the `love-cure' lix
Nomenclature lxv
People and themes lxix
Stage history lxxxvi
Abbreviations xcii
As You Like It
Appendix A `A table set out' 132(1)
Appendix B `I take thee Rosalind for wife' 133