Table of Contents for Anger of Achilles : Homer's Iliad

BOOK ONE: The Quarrel 39
BOOK TWO: The False Dream: also 'Catalogue of Ships' 55
BOOK THREE: Paris Duels with Menelaus 75
BOOK FOUR: Agamemnon Inspects His Army 87
BOOK FIVE: Diomedes' Day of Glory 101
BOOK SIX: Hector and Andromache 121
BOOK SEVEN: Hector Duels with Great Ajax 133
BOOK EIGHT: An Indecisive Battle 145
BOOK NINE: A Deputation to Achilles 159
BOOK TEN: The Dolon Incident 175
BOOK ELEVEN: Agamemnon's Day of Glory 189
BOOK TWELVE: The Trojans Attack the Greek Camp 207
BOOK THIRTEEN: The Greek Defences Are Breached 217
BOOK FOURTEEN: Hera Outwits Zeus 235
BOOK FIFTEEN: The Greeks Rally 247
BOOK SIXTEEN: Hector Kills Patroclus 263
BOOK SEVENTEEN: Menelaus' Day of Glory 281
BOOK EIGHTEEN: Hephaestus Forges Arms 295
BOOK NINETEEN: The Reconciliation 309
BOOK TWENTY: God Fights God 317
BOOK TWENTY-ONE: Achilles at the Ford 327
BOOK TWENTY-TWO: Death of Hector 341
BOOK TWENTY-THREE: Funeral Games for Patroclus 351
BOOK TWENTY-FOUR: The Trojans Bury Hector 367