Table of Contents for Big Disconnect : Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age

Introduction: The Revolution in the Living Room 1(32)
Chapter 1 Lost in Connection: How the Tech Effect Puts Children's Development at Risk
Chapter 2 The Brilliant Baby Brain: No Apps or Upgrades Needed
Chapter 3 Mary Had a Little iPad: The Wisdom of Tradition, the Wonder of Tech: Ages Three to Five
Chapter 4 Fast-Forward Childhood: When to Push Pause, Delete, and Play: Ages Six to Ten
Chapter 5 Going, Going, Gone: Tweens, Screens, and the Perils of Independence: Ages Eleven to Thirteen
Chapter 6 Teens, Tech, Temptation, and Trouble: Acting Out on the Big (and Little) Screen
Chapter 7 Scary, Crazy, and Clueless: Teens Talk about How to Be a Go-To Parent in the Digital Age
Chapter 8 The Sustainable Family: Turning Tech into an Ally for Closeness, Creativity, and Community
Acknowledgments 297(8)
Notes 305(30)
Bibliography 335(26)
Index 361