Table of Contents for Playing with Fire

One Hanging Around 1
Two Killer on the Loose 8
Three Vengeous 16
Four The Beauty, the Beast 20
Five The Terror of London 34
Six Fireballs in the Park 42
Seven Unwelcome Visitors 61
Eight Billy-Ray Sanguine 83
Nine The Hidden Room 94
Ten The Armor of Lord Vile 117
Eleven The Terrifying Brain Sucker of London 120
Twelve Bar Fight 132
Thirteen Roarhaven 146
Fourteen Springing Jack 155
Fifteen Point-Blank 159
Sixteen The Switch 170
Seventeen Grave Robbing 179
Eighteen Old Enemies 188
Nineteen On the Run 196
Twenty Under the Ground 203
Twenty-one Donning Darkness 209
Twenty-two Blood and Shadows 211
Twenty-three Elephants and Bunnies 225
Twenty four Argus 232
Twenty five A Smattering of Slaughtering 238
Twenty-six Murder in the New Morgue 245
Twenty-seven Rise of the Grotesquery 250
Twenty-eight Good Guys Convene 263
Twenty-nine Picking Up a Tail 273
Thirty Fight 282
Thirty-one The Edgley Family Reunion Thing 286
Thirty-two Shadow Shards 298
Thirty-three The Calm Before the Storm 305
Thirty-four Unfinished Business 314
Thirty-five Attack of the Vampires 320
Thirty-six Giant Spider Madness 326
Thirty-seven Tooth and Claw 331
Thirty-eight Those About to Die 340
Thirty-nine Facing Vengeous 353
Forty Fight to the Death 363
Forty-one Billy-Ray Sanguine's Erstwhile Employer 382
Forty-two Bad Things 385