Table of Contents for Odyssey of Homer

BOOK I Invocation and part summary -- council of the gods -- Athene visits Telemachos in Ithaka and urges him to go in search of his father -- the suitors feast in the house of Telemachos.
BOOK II Assembly on Ithaka -- Telemachos publicly requests the suitors to go home -- secret departure of Telemachos and Athene.
BOOK III Athene and Telemachos arrive in Pylos -- entertainment by Nestor and his family -- Telemachos and peisistratos leave for Sparta.
BOOK IV Arrival at Sparta -- entertainment by Menelaos and Helen -- the wanderings of Menelaos -- report that Odysseus is on Kalypso's island -- at Ithaka the suitors learn of Telemachos' departure and lay an ambush for him.
BOOK V Council of the gods -- Hermes tells Kalypso to let Odysseus go -- he sails on a raft but is wrecked by Poseidon -- he swims ashore on Scheria.
BOOK VI Odysseus encounters Nausikaa, the princess of the Phaiakians, and is accepted as a guest.
BOOK VII Reception of Odysseus by Alkinoos and Arete.
BOOK VIII Odysseus at the games of the Phaiakians -- he is asked to tell his name and his story.
BOOK IX The wanderings of Odysseus -- the raid on the Kikonians -- the Lotus-Eaters -- the adventure with Polyphemos the Cyclops.
BOOK X The wanderings of Odysseus -- Aiolos and the bag of winds -- Odysseus blown back to sea after sighting Ithaka -- the adventure with the Laistrygones -- Circe's island -- the men transformed and restored.
BOOK XI The wanderings of Odysseus -- voyage to the land of the dead -- interviews -- Elpenor -- Teiresias -- Antikleia -- the heroines -- interlude in Scheria -- interviews -- the heroes -- return to Circe.
BOOK XII The wanderings of Odysseus -- the Sirens -- Skylla and Charybdis -- the cattle of Helios -- loss of the last ship and all the companions -- Odysseus rescued by Kalypso -- end of his story to the Phaiakians.
BOOK XIII Return of Odysseus to Ithaka -- he is landed, alone -- strange return of the Phaiakian ship -- Athene comes to Odysseus and advises him.
BOOK XIV Odysseus received by Eumaios -- he tells Eumaios the (false) story of his life.
BOOK XV Telemachos, urged by Athene, leaves Sparta -- from Pylos, he sails for home -- Odysseus still with Eumaios -- life story of Eumaios -- Telemachos eludes the ambush and reaches Ithaka.
BOOK XVI Telemachos visits Eumaios -- Odysseus reveals himself to Telemachos -- Penelope and the suitors learn that Telemachos has returned -- night at the house of Eumaios.
BOOK XVII Return of Telemachos to his house -- Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, goes to the house with Eumaios -- Odysseus begs from the suitors.
BOOK XVIII Fight between Odysseus and Iros -- Penelope appears briefly before the suitors -- after disorderly incidents the suitors go home.
BOOK XIX Interview by night between Odysseus and Penelope -- Odysseus almost betrayed by his scar -- the story of the scar -- plan for the test of the bow.
BOOK XX Next morning all the principals gather in the house.
BOOK XXI The test of the bow -- the suitors fail -- Odysseus succeeds.
BOOK XXII The killing of the suitors -- punishment of the faithless maids and thrall.
BOOK XXIII Recognition of Odysseus by Penelope -- reunion -- Odysseus goes to Laertes' farm.
BOOK XXIV The heroes of Troy learn the story from the ghosts of the suitors -- Odysseus reveals himself to Laertes -- burial of the suitors by their relatives, who plan revenge -- final combat between Odysseus and his party and the relatives of the suitors -- peace imposed by Athene.