Table of Contents for To Hawaii, With Love

Prologue 1(6)
Chapter One: Future Goddesses of America 7(17)
Chapter Two: The Great Escape 24(9)
Chapter Three: I Rule. Oh Yes I Do. 33(6)
Chapter Four: I Prove Invaluable to the Cause 39(3)
Chapter Five: No One Is Going to Cheat Me Out of My Hula Lessons 42(3)
Chapter Six: Holy Cow! 45(9)
Chapter Seven: Why Can't It Be Easy? 54(4)
Chapter Eight: And the Oscar Goes to Rachel Buchanan 58(21)
Chapter Nine: We Meet Again 79(9)
Chapter Ten: Out of the Darkness 88(7)
Chapter Eleven: Into the Light 95(6)
Chapter Twelve: Run, Rachel, Run 101(8)
Chapter Thirteen: The Boys Are Back in Town 109(6)
Chapter Fourteen: Not Much of a Plan as Plans Go 115(7)
Chapter Fifteen: Let There Be Light 122(8)
Chapter Sixteen: Thank You for Shopping at Our Temple 130(4)
Chapter Seventeen: Outrunning the Boogey Man 134(7)
Chapter Eighteen: Showdown 141(5)
Chapter Nineteen: Taking a Dive 146(4)
Chapter Twenty: All Wet 150(5)
Chapter Twenty-one: After This, Kitchen Duty Will Be a Vacation 155(5)
Chapter Twenty-two: Like a Bad Penny, She Keeps Turning Up 160(7)
Chapter Twenty-three: Unjustly Accused Again 167(12)
Chapter Twenty-four: Still Hanging Around 179(5)
Chapter Twenty-five: Can a Goddess, Like, Resign? 184(8)
Chapter Twenty-six: If I Can't Resign, Then I Quit 192(4)
Chapter Twenty-seven: I Am So Out of Here 196