Reviews for It's All in Your Head : A Guide to Your Brilliant Brain

School Library Journal Reviews 2006 January

Gr 3-6 -A revised and updated version of what was originally called A Kid's Guide to the Brain (Maple Tree, 1994). This edition explains how the brain controls our senses, emotions, memory, and thinking. Each chapter includes experiments, with easy-to-find items such as buttons and jelly beans, brain teasers (the answers are in the back of the book), historical information, and current theories on brain function. The book is written in a conversational tone and answers such questions as: What goes on in your brain when you talk to a friend? What is body language? How does memory work? Color photographs and whimsical illustrations make the presentation appealing. "Last Thoughts" discusses the future of brain research. A detailed diagram of the brain with definitions of each part and an index complete this book. Richard Walker's Brain: Our Body's Nerve Center (Grolier, 1998) covers the same basic information for slightly older students but does not include experiments or brain teasers. This excellent introduction should be a first purchase for most libraries.-Ann Joslin, Fort LeBoef School District, Waterford, PA

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