Reviews for My Heart Flooded With Water

Booklist Reviews 2009 October #2
Little known in the U.S., Storni (1892-1938) is one of the best-regarded South American poets for her early feminist politics and stark, revealing verse. Born in Switzerland to erstwhile Argentines, she returned with them as a young child to a life of privilege and comfort. But an economic downturn caused the family fortunes to collapse, with the result that Storni spent her early teens supporting the family with factory work and a home-based sewing industry. She never forgot that experience, which turned her leftward, nor, later, that of being an unwed single mother, which fanned her feminism. An empathic response to human suffering marks her poems from her first collection, in 1916, considered almost scandalously sexual for the era, on. Until her untimely death--a suicide, probably inspired by a diagnosis of terminal cancer--she was among the most acclaimed Argentine writers, whose taut lines captured a woman's reality previously unexpressed in Spanish-language literature. This dual-language edition introduces to Anglophones a passionate and earthy poet for whom "the sweet earth / is enough." Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.