Reviews for Gecko

Booklist Reviews 2010 April #1
Many kids are interested in owning pets other than the ubiquitous cat or dog, and these titles in the My Pet series will help young people make informed decisions about which animal is right for them. Printed on glossy paper, the dynamic, colorful spreads combine sharply focused, close-up photos of expressive critters with passages of easily digestible text, organized by numerous headings. Each title addresses species, life cycle, physical and emotional needs, related costs, and choosing and caring for the animals. Passages about historical lore add an interesting counterpoint to the straightforward tips. Gecko emphasizes the lizards' evolutionary longevity and resilience: they survived when dinosaurs died out. The final section, "Pet Puzzlers," reviews key information presented earlier in the text and will further engage kids. Clear about the specific responsibilities of care, these titles are an excellent starting point for children eager to welcome a new animal into their homes (and to convince their parents that it's a good idea). Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 November

Gr 3-5-With clear, formal writing, and extensive coverage for their size, these titles are useful for reports. They begin with introductory material such as Craats's "What is a Gecko?" and follow with chapters covering breed specifics and care. For example, Foran's "Guinea Pigging Out" chapter describes the pet's eating habits, Hamilton's "Fluffing Ferrets" provides grooming tips, and her "Turtle Behavior" includes a listing of "Pet Peeves." Numerous colorful photographs, charts (e.g., "8 Essential Parts of the Turtle"), and question-and-answer boxes supplement the texts. Mythological, cultural, and literary references such Lomberg's outline of the "Trojan Horse" legend are appealing extras. Follow-up quizzes, "Frequently Asked Questions" pages, and lists of organizations to contact are also included.

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