Reviews for Super Simple Masks : Fun and Easy-to-Make Crafts for Kids

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Spring
These books include step-by-step directions in easy-to-follow language accompanied by photos illustrating the steps. Each volume presents seven to nine projects to be made from materials that are generally easy to acquire. Crafts include safety-pin and clay-bead jewelry, jar snow globes, colorful magnets, masks, and wearable art. The books' bright colors and child-friendly design will pique the interest of young crafters. Glos. [Review covers these Super SandCastle: Super Simple Crafts titles: Super Simple Art to Wear, Super Simple Glass Jar Art, Super Simple Jewelry, Super Simple Magnets, and Super Simple Masks.] Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 November

K-Gr 4-Colorful photos; clean layout in a bright, primary palette; and large, abundant step-by-step instructional photos give these books great appeal. The 5-to-10 crafts in each book are functional and attractive. Art to Wear demonstrates how to paint shoelaces, and Clay Projects shows kids how to make a pencil holder out of an empty can, for example. Although the completed projects in the photos sometimes look a little too polished, most of the ideas do not rely on a child's artistic ability, but rather suggest tracing a cookie cutter or using a picture from a magazine. This approach ensures some measure of success even for those who are not artistically inclined. Readily obtainable household materials and easy-to-follow instructions mean that children can do these crafts independently.

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