Reviews for Burrows, Nests & Lairs : Animal Architects

School Library Journal Reviews 2008 April

Gr 4-5-- This browsable pair of books provides a plethora of attractive artwork and simple, brief paragraphs of text to accompany each picture. Both titles include a glossary and an index, though such headings as "Water, cats' use of" and "Why animals build" may be a tad confusing to novice seekers of specifics. The first book delves into the realm of "homes" created by critters, from burrowers (moles) to communal abodes (termites), with a fast flick into the world of coral polyps. Fangs flips through predators of land, sea, and sky, with a quick peek at a couple of extinct species (think tyrannosaurs). A discussion of the food chain on the African veldt is included, as is a section on the defenses of some prey. The information provided in both books is sound-bite quality and a tad disjointed, but the illustrations are quietly appealing.--Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY

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