Reviews for How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2008 Fall
These books cover in great detail the high-interest topics of forensic science and crime scene investigation. Specific examples demonstrate how investigators solved crimes like the Oklahoma City bombing and investigated accidents such as the Minneapolis bridge collapse in 2007. Clearly worded texts and a varied selection of photographs and illustrations place this series above others on the subject. Glos., ind. [Review covers these Crime Scene Investigation titles: DNA Analysis, Fingerprint Analysis, Forensic Artist, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Ballistics, and How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator.] Copyright 2008 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2008 June

Gr 3-6-- These titles are not so much career guides as descriptions of the history and techniques of each specialty, with specific examples to demonstrate how each one has been put to use in proving guilt-or innocence. The first use of DNA analysis, for instance, not only led to an arrest but also uncovered a false confession. The presentations aren't just filled out with bland generalities, either; the first volume delivers a detailed critique of mistakes in the handling of evidence in the O.J. Simpson case. Forensic Entomology is replete with close-ups of various maggots, and Forensic Artist sounds several ghoulish notes in the pictures and descriptions of Great Britain's grisly "Jigsaw" murders. Crime Scene Investigator summarizes information in the other volumes and briefly identifies even more related specialties. Though the writing is sometimes awkward and some of the color photos are strictly filler, these titles are likely to have an appeal that extends beyond straight assignment use. Nonetheless, their lack of leads to further sources of information is a flaw, and "Forensic Files" (Watts) is just one of several comparable series. Consider as demand warrants.--John Peters, New York Public Library

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