Reviews for Classics Illustrated Deluxe 7 : Around the World in 80 Days

Booklist Reviews 2012 February #2
It's like 24 for the late 1800s set: there's action, adventure, exotic locales, a robbery, a maiden who needs rescuing, elephants, and, most important, a deadline. Verne's classic story is the latest in the Classics Illustrated series and does well in this graphic novelization. It is a well-drawn and tidy summary of the original story, and the brisk pacing and dialogue keep the plot moving with an appropriate sense of urgency. What is most impressive is the attention paid to details in Soleilhac's full-color artwork. Every panel's background is completely different but fully realized in order to indicate a new setting, whether it be a new city, new form of transportation, or both. This title will appeal to fans of classic adventure stories and will be especially helpful to less confident readers who are having trouble studying the original work. It also pairs well with Matt Phelan's Around the World (2011), about three real-life globetrotters inspired by Verne's story. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.