Reviews for Three Musketeers

Booklist Reviews 2011 October #2
Originally published in France, where they take their comics and their Three Musketeers very seriously, this is an extremely dense adaptation of Dumas' classic, presented under the venerable Classics Illustrated imprint. Even those who have read any of the numerous recent graphic-novel adaptations, seen any of the classic cinematic endeavors, or plan to see either of the two movies in production will likely find something unexpected as young D'Artagnan travels from the countryside of Gascony to the big city to turn the three musketeers into four, getting caught up in the much-expanded-upon intrigues of the oversexed Lady de Winter. Though reprinted on smaller pages that crowd the panels and compact the already dense retelling even further, this is somewhat counterbalanced by Rubén's fizzy, animated art, which keeps things light and popping. All this is well and good, of course, but what about the sword fights? They don't come as fast and furious as some will expect, but they are imagined with grace, vigor, and panache. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.