Reviews for Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Booklist Reviews 2010 January #1
The fourth entry in Papercutz' Classics Illustrated Deluxe line of graphic-novel adaptations reworks Twain's classic tale of jubilant delinquency in a full-color manga style. The boy's manic irrepressibility is a neat fit for the flitting quality of the anime-inspired artwork, and the signature fence-whitewashing scene is especially well handled. While the hoary dialogue at first seems at odds with the modern manga format, it soon settles into a nice rhythm that preserves much of the Twainian flavor. The lengthy adaptation is doggedly faithful, with little missing from the twists, turns, and digressions of the original. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2010 January

Gr 5 Up-Tom Sawyer, that original American bad boy, returns in graphic-novel format. The manga-influenced, full-color illustrations bring a new level of dynamism to a text that is already quite dramatic, what with its murder, buried treasure, youthful romance, and presumed deaths. (Tom himself is thought dead twice.) This version doesn't shy away from the culture of the time; Injun Joe is still Injun Joe and Tom's bare backside still has many run-ins with Aunt Polly's slipper. In regard to the latter, there is brief, occasional nudity as a result of the skinny-dipping and spankings, but nothing gratuitous. While the overall work is of a generally high quality, it is not perfect. Visually, it is often difficult to distinguish among the supporting characters. In addition, the speech balloons are occasionally confusing, leaving readers unsure of who is speaking. Despite those minor flaws, this volume serves as a fine introduction to the story, the author, and his time and place.-Douglas P. Davey, Halton Hills Public Library, Ontario, Canada

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