Reviews for B.p.r.d. 10 : The Warning

Booklist Reviews 2009 May #1
After the magnificent flashback 1946 (2008), B.P.R.D. gets back to its main story line, launching a three-volume arc from just after B.P.R.D. captain Ben Damio morphed into a monster and vanished in a blizzard (Killing Ground, 2008). Amphibious Abe Sapiens heads the team that doesn't find Damio and then is diverted to Germany, where firestarter Liz Sherman has disappeared. Attempting to find out where she is, the team and German police rouse enormous insectoid robots that proceed to destroy Munich. Taking a break, Abe is incorporeally visited by Liz's abductor, who says he's on humanity's side. Guy Davis' much busier variation on Mignola's trademark artwork adds flash. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.