Reviews for Vampire Academy

Booklist Reviews 2012 February #1
Mead's vampire lore makes excellent fodder for graphic-novel adaptation: the kids at the vampire academy are rich and stylish, so we definitely want to see those clothes; some of them are mean but others are sarcastic, so when all those speeches are boiled down to a few balloons and lots of body English, cheering for your idea of the "right" side is more fun. The story line--a contemporary teenage vampire princess and her guardian, a more buxom friend, are returned to their boarding school (St. Vladimir's Academy), where they must face saving the princess from harm without sacrificing the guardian's life or their friendship--unfolds coherently and at an even pace. The various boy toys--none of whom should be dismissed as powerless playthings--are dashing in their behavior as well as their looks. The full-color, glossy panels show off an entire catalog of reds, textures, glinting teeth, and dark recesses of the old school. A fun read even for the vampire weary. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.